Ancient Wars and Modern Conflicts

A lecture about the effects of warfare on civilizations. Free.

 March 20, 2018  6 pm  The Parthenon  

Dr. Katherine A. Schwab (Fairfield University) and Dr. Brian Rose (University of Pennsylvania) will discuss the effects of ancient and modern warfare on the civilizations where wars are waged and on the people who fight them, as well as those who are left behind and those who are caught up in them.

Dr. Schwab will discuss and illustrate the context for her Parthenon drawings, why she made them and her current research on these severely damaged relief sculptures. These Parthenon metope sculptures from three side of the temple sustained intentional damage by the 6th century CE, when anti-pagan zealots took hammers and other tools to destroy many of the figures.

Dr. Rose will discuss and illustrate both the physical damage and cultural devastation of war on the societies in which they take place. He will offer insight into how to respect the cultural property of other societies and how the military can assist local citizens in their efforts to preserve and protect their cultural artifacts from the effects of war. For over a decade, Dr. Rose has also offered pre-deployment education and training for armed forces personnel bound for Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti to emphasize cultural heritage awareness and protection. Soldiers learn about the regions’ historical backgrounds, heritage and resources, site recognition, emergency salvage, and conservation.

The Parthenon is located at 2500 West End Ave., Nashville.

This event is free, but reservations are preferred. Call 615.862.8431.