Interfaith Women’s Passover Seder

Free and open to the public

 March 21, 2018  7:00 pm  Congregation Micah  2 hours

Celebrating diversity, inclusion, and freedom for all women, this free and open event will welcome Assaela (Assi) Weinstein, whose father, Assael Bielski, was a Jewish resistance fighter portrayed in the film Defiance. In the largest armed rescue of Jews by Jews during World War II, the three Bielski brothers built a protective village and saved more than 1,000 Jewish non-combatants from Nazi death camps. Assi Weinstein will provide personal insight into what really transpired during this remarkable moment in history. Assi is married to Amnon Weinstein and mother of Avshalom (Avshi) Weinstein, who together have restored many violins played by Jews during the Holocaust.

The women of Thistle Farms will sell their products made by and sold by women in an effort to empower and ensure economic independence for women. Congregation Micah will also welcome our Muslim neighbors from the Islamic Center to celebrate the Passover holiday.

Pictured: Bielski partisans during World War II