Intersection: String Quartets by Hannibal Lokumbe

Musical performance. Free & open to the public.

 May 26, 2018  11:00 am  Main Public Library Auditorium  

Intersection presents two string quartets by composer Hannibal Lokumbe exploring the lives of two heroic women: Anne Frank and Fannie Lou Hamer. Both works highlight the power of the voice, both written and vocal, in resisting oppression and crying for freedom. The performance features Intersection instrumentalists and contralto Gwendolyn Brown. Lokumbe says, “The Anne Frank piece I wrote because I wanted to make sure I make a musical statement of thanks and gratitude to her.  As a child of color growing up in Texas, it meant a lot for me to read her diary. It let me know that insanity was not confined to the part of the world I lived in only.”


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