The Window: Expressions of Anne Frank

Staged reading from The Diary of a Young Girl. Free & open to the public.

 May 27, 2018  3 pm  Main Public Library Auditorium  

Synthesized and Directed By Deanne Collins, Ed.D., with Katherine Kyle as Anne Frank and Prelude Performed by Laurissa Baker

The Window is a moving and inspiring introduction to the life of Anne Frank. The dialogue is taken directly from the book The Diary of a Young Girl. At age 13, Anne had a special insight into people, nature and the world. During World War II, this Jewish girl persevered with a remarkable spirit. Anne wrote with a depth of emotion rare for any young author. It is not a story about war but a story of a young girl and how she understands the world.

Anne is portrayed by a young girl of the same age with an extraordinary ability to perform in this 30- to 40-minute one-woman show. The play is followed with a brief question-and-answer session.